Standard Chartered Saadiq Home Loan Flexi Loan


New Base Rate

4.72%(BR + 0.95%)

Bank Interest Rate


Lock In Period


Monthly Repayment

Is a Standard Chartered Saadiq Home Loan Right for Me?

In terms of pricing, Standard Chartered Saadiq is most competitive for properties and loan amounts exceeding RM600,000. Standard Chartered Saadiq offers two Sharia compliant home financing package based on the concept of Diminishing Musyarakah, which is the diminishing partnership via leasing.

The My Home-i package is a no-frills Islamic term loan with which you will enjoy stamp duty remission for new purchases and full stamp duty waiver when you refinance from a conventional home loan.

The My HomeOne-I package is a full-flexi home financing that is combined with a current account and gives you the flexibility to save on financing costs by depositing your surplus cash. Standard Chartered Saadiq also provides a ceiling rate protection for both the home loan packages, thus shielding you from some Base Financing Rate fluctuations and protecting you from rising financing rates. Standard Chartered Saadiq Home Loan has no lock in period, which is the best you can get compared to other home loan products. That means that you can repay your loan as soon as you like without having to pay an early settlement fee.

What Documents Will I Need to Prepare?

You will need to provide some supporting documents for your Standard Chartered Saadiq Home Loan such as:

* Application Form

* NRIC / Identity Card

* Copy of Sales and Purchase or Booking Receipt or Letter of Offer from Developer

* Copy of Individual Title Deed

* Property Valuation Report (for completed properties)

* Latest 3 consecutive months of salary slips / vouchers

* Latest 6 consecutive months of commission statement

* Latest EPF statements (with 3 consecutive months or more transaction history)

* Latest EA form

* Latest 6 months Bank Statement

* Letter of Confirmation of Employment and Remuneration