6 simple ways you can actually improve your finances in 1 year

Many of the most important money habits are built over time, Saving, investing and cutting back spending, among others. Those aren’t short term goals, but rather long term solutions. Still, there are plenty of things that can be accomplished in a year’s time that can make a major difference in your life. 1. Track your […]

Five Rules to Improve Your Financial Health

The term “personal finance” refers to how you manage your money and plan for your future. All of your financial decisions and activities have an effect on your financial health. We are often guided by specific rules of thumb, such as “don’t buy a house that costs more than two-and-a-half years’ worth of income” or […]

There are 7 money personality types, says psychology expert on how to tell which one you are

We often stress about the importance of financial literacy, such as gaining a strong understanding of how money works and having the resources to make informed decisions. But when it comes to establishing financial health, one thing most people fail to consider is their money personality type — or their approach and emotional responses to money. We [...]

Couples Buying New Home Loan

According to housing data from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) for the third quarter of 2018, housing loan approval rates are at the lowest in the last 5 years. BNM cites housing unaffordability and mismatch between supply and demand of houses that most Malaysians can afford to buy. If you are finally ready to achieve your […]

Consider loan consolidation

Talking about bank loans, and a relatively small class of innovative small businesses that are trying to achieve something new and go big with it. For those businesses, a loan debt is a cash drain that makes it harder for the business to succeed and is typically secured by a personal guarantee and collateral on […]