CIMB Home Loan Flexi Loan


New Base Rate

4.35%(BR + 0.35%)

Bank Interest Rate

3 years

Lock In Period


Monthly Repayment

Is a CIMB Home Loan Right for Me?

CIMB Bank offers a range of flexible packages to suit the different needs of its customers. The conventional HomeLoan comes with a variable interest rate and is particularly suited for buyers who prefer low initial repayments. It also allows for smaller-sized home loans. The minimum loan amount for this product is RM15,000. This CIMB home loan packages cover properties which are either have completed or still under construction. The major risk of this CIMB housing loan is the home loan interest is linked to the Base Rate (BR). An increase in this base rate may results in increase in your monthly repayment. In this particular CIMB home loan product, its CIMB housing loan interest rate is charged as low as 4.2%. With this competitive CIMB home loan interest rate, it will definitely suit you if you are comfortable enough to pay a fixed instalment every month.

CIMB’s full-flexi offering, HomeFlexi is available for loan amounts above RM150,000 and is characterized by high repayment flexibility, as this CIMB flexi home loan gives you the ability to deposit any amount anytime in your linked current account to save on interest. In addition to that, CIMB Bank offers a Capped Rate Home Loan with capped maximum interest rates in the event of BR (Base Rate) movement. The Capped Rate package also offers a repricing option every 3-5 years, so customers can reprice easily without needing to refinance. CIMB HomeFlexi offers you minimum CIMB home loan interest rate at 4.2%. It is always highly recommended to take on any insurance to hedge the risk of losing your beloved property due to unforeseen circumstances alongside with any CIMB home loan including this CIMB flexi home loan. Thus, if you do not earn regular wage and still want to buy your dream house, just sign up for CIMB HomeFlexi with a competitive CIMB housing loan interest rate.

CIMB also participates in the My First Home Scheme, which is designed specifically for first-time buyers under the age of 35, and provides Shariah-compliant home loan packages for Islamic costumers. CIMB Home Loan recently reinstated a lock in period of 3 years, which is a fairly lenient lock in period when compared across all banks. A margin of financing of up to 90% + 5% can be provided, with the extra 5% used to finance MRTA costs or other entry costs. The 5% allowance depends on the specific package chosen by prospective borrowers.

Am I Eligible for a CIMB Home Loan?

All Malaysians and permanent residents above 18 years of age can apply for a CIMB home loan.

What Documents Will I Need to Prepare?

If you have applied for a CIMB Home Loan, you will be asked to provide some supporting documents in order for the bank to process your application. These documents are listed below:

* Application Form

* NRIC / Identity Card

* Copy of Sales and Purchase or Booking Receipt or Letter of Offer from Developer

* Copy of Individual Title Deed

* Property Valuation Report (for completed properties)

* Latest 3 consecutive months of salary slips / vouchers

* Latest 6 consecutive months of commission statement

* Latest EPF statements (with 3 consecutive months or more transaction history)

* Latest EA form

* Latest 6 months Bank Statement

* Letter of Confirmation of Employment and Remuneration