Bank of China Malaysia Home Loan Term Loan


New Base Rate

3.98%(BR + 0.18%)

Bank Interest Rate

3 years

Lock In Period


Monthly Repayment

Is A Bank of China Malaysia Home Loan Right for Me?

Bank of China Malaysia home loan will be granted to individual which part finance the purchase of a completed or under construction residential property. The term home loan is calculated on a variable rate basis and you are offering your house / property as a security for this financing.

Bank of China Malaysia’s base rate on this product is made up of two parts, our benchmark cost of funds (COF) and the Statutory Reserve Requirement (SRR) cost imposed by Bank Negara Malaysia.

Am I Eligible for a Bank of China Malaysia Home Loan?

Customers who are between 21 to 65 years of age are eligible to apply.

What Documents Will I Need to Prepare?

Below is the list of documents that you will be required to prepare for Bank of China Malaysia Home Loan application:

* Copy of NRIC (Front & Back) / Passport

* Latest 3 months’ salary slips / Income Tax Assesment

* Latest EPF statements / bank statement of salary crediting account

* Proof of Purchase/Sales and Purchase Agreement.

* Tenancy Agreements (If applicable)

* For self-employed, please provided Form 24 and 49 (business registration forms) and latest 6 months financial statement