AmBank Islamic Home Loan Flexi Loan


New Base Rate

4.75%(BR + 0.65%)

Bank Interest Rate

3 years

Lock In Period


Monthly Repayment

Is an AmBank Islamic Home Loan Right for Me?

The home loan packages offered by AmBank Islamic are Shariah compliant and based on the concept of Bai Bithaman Ajil (BBA) – the sale of goods on a deferred payment basis. The conventional Home Financing-I is a basic term loan and the Flexi-Home Financing-I is a full-flexi package that comes with a linked current account. AmBank Islamic’s full-flexi package allows the borrower to make extra repayments to decrease interest charges. Despite being variable rate products, the maximum interest chargeable for all home loan packages is capped.

AmBank Islamic can provide a margin of financing of up to 90% and extra 5% to finance your MRTA (Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance) or other entry costs such as stamp duties and legal fees. Home loans are granted up to a maximum loan period of 30 years or up to age 65 whichever is earlier.

What Documents Will I Need to Prepare?

In order for the bank to process your AmBank Islamic Home loan application, you will need to provide some supporting documents:

* Application Form

* NRIC / Identity Card

* Copy of Sales and Purchase or Booking Receipt or Letter of Offer from Developer

* Copy of Individual Title Deed

* Property Valuation Report (for completed properties)

* Latest 3 consecutive months of salary slips / vouchers

* Latest 6 consecutive months of commission statement

* Latest EPF statements (with 3 consecutive months or more transaction history)

* Latest EA form

* Latest 6 months Bank Statement

* Letter of Confirmation of Employment and Remuneration