Alliance ONE Account Term Loan


New Base Rate

4.40% (BR + 0.58%)

Bank Interest Rate

3 years

Lock in Period


Monthly Repayment

Is An Alliance ONE Account Right For Me?

Alliance ONE Account is a mortgage refinancing service which maximizing your property’s positive value.You can consolidate all of your loans into ONE account and reduce your monthly repayment. Alliance Bank is offering up to 95% margin of financing (inclusive of legal fees and insurance/takaful financing) on the current value of your equity, with tenure of up to 35 years. The margin of financing for Overdraft Facility/Cashline Facility-i is up to 70%.

AOA helps you to pay off your current loans/financing balances, conveniently consolidating multiple repayments into a single, easy to manage, financing scheme. This means you will have one monthly repayment that’s lower than all your other repayments combined. Flexible repayment options lets you decide how you want to repay the Overdraft Facility/Cashline Facility-i. Take your time to lower monthly repayment, or just enjoy the peace of mind from having a few monthly commitments to worry about.

Am I Eligible for an Alliance Bank Housing Loan?

You are eligible for this mortgage if you own residential or commercial property.

What Documents Will I Need to Prepare?

If you have applied for an Alliance ONE Account, you will be asked to provide these supporting documents in order for the bank to process your application. These documents are listed below:

* Application Form

* NRIC / Identity Card

* Copy of Sales and Purchase or Booking Receipt or Letter of Offer from Developer

* Copy of Individual Title Deed

* Property Valuation Report (for completed properties)

* Latest 3 consecutive months of salary slips / vouchers * Latest 6 consecutive months of commission statement

* Latest EPF statements (with 3 consecutive months or more transaction history)

* Latest EA form

* Latest 6 months Bank Statement

* Letter of Confirmation of Employment and Remuneration