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Personal Loans


Home Loans


Credit card

Funding Purpose

We will match you with a loan program that meet your financial need.

Fix Deposit

Restructure and consolidate your high interest loans into one loan with a great rate could save you a huge amount of interest. MyFinance prioritize your needs and goals, and we understand how costly it is when debt is spiralling out of control.

Home Loan

Fill your life’s empty space with a home loan from My Finance Bank to build, purchase or renovate your home or apartment. We warmly welcome you to partner with My Finance and make your dream home a reality.

Credit Card

Our Credit Cards provide you with the flexibility and power to enjoy the lifestyle that you deserve. All our cards are prestigious instruments that provide you with recognition no matter where you go.

Business Loan

Having trouble paying debts, salaries or need more money to grow your business? With our instant cash loan, we’re here to help you succeed in business. It only takes 2 minutes to apply and get cash within an hour.

Personal Loan

Having financial problems with daily expenses, mortgage or car loan installment? We are here to help. We provide a low-interest personal loan that does not require a guarantor, everyone can apply. Get your loan now in 60 minutes.


Broadband internet is delivered through several different technologies with varying availability based on location. Which broadband internet service you choose will depend on your needs, preferences, cost and where you live.

Fast & Easy Application Process

Online application forms have made the submission of details simpler for candidates


Fill Up Form Online

Fill up your required details along with your current loans and commitments attached.


Wait For Call

Our Loan Consultant will contact you upon receiving your submission form.


Negotiate The Amount

Through the phone call, you can negotiate the amount of loan you would like to request.


Decide Loan Amount

We will decide the final amount that is required to achieve your dreams.


Approved Your Loan

Apply for the loan and get the fast approval within a 48h.


Get Your Cash

Fast Service. Receive your loan within few days and achieve your dreams.

Why People Choose Us

For all types of loans, we offer excellent service and provide support, guidance and direction.


Access to a pool of talented staff with comprehensive industry knowledge and experience.  And a support throughout the loan life cycle.

Success Stories

 Read reviews shared by success Malaysians who love and trust My Finance. Success of the customers is the best motivation for our company.

No Hidden Fees

There are no hidden charges for the services we provided. We provide a transparent bond between the client and the company.

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Success Stories of Our Customers.

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To provide innovative and responsible solutions true to our values with the expertise of our multi-disciplinary team of professionals and synergies of our financial services group.

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