Public Bank Visa Business Card

Feature Highlights

  • Take charge of your business with Public Bank Visa Business and provide your employees with a secure line of credit and concentrate on growing your business.
  • Earn cashback on everything! 0.50% for all kinds of company spending.
  • Enjoy 1.5% interest for a 6-month tenure with a minimum amount of transfer at RM1,000.

FREE insurance

  • Public Bank understands that running a business involves a lot of risks, therefore it is important to have a backup plan that a company can remunerate for losses. With two complimentary insurance coverages: corporate liability waiver of up to USD1.65 Million and travel insurance with a maximum of RM1 Million per cardmember per annum, your company not only be saving on additional insurance expenses, but also get protected from any untoward incidences.

Fees and Charges

  • It is RM150 for primary card holders with the first year being free of charge. The card can be waived once it reaches 12 swipes per year.

Are You Eligible For The Public Bank Visa Business Card.

  • Any business can apply for the Public Bank Visa Business Card if the business is 21 years old and above.

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Flexibility Fee and Charges

  • Interest Rate
    15% p.a.
  • Annual Fee


  • Meet your clients where ever they are and have peace of mind with up to RM1,000,000 in complimentary Travel Insurance from Public Bank.


  • Have full control of your company spending habits with the ability to set strict parameters and limit for your employees, when using this card.

Balance Transfer

  • Have outstanding balance? Consolidate them with a balance transfer and enjoy 1.5% interest for a 6-month tenure. The minimum amount for transfer is RM1,000.

Card Information

      • Min. Monthly Income
        Non Applicable
      • Min. age for principal holder
        21 and above
  • Finance charges
    6 months 1.5% one-time upfront handling fee RM1,000
    9 months 2% one-time upfront handling fee RM2,000
    12 months 3% one-time upfront handling fee RM1,000
    24 months 5.5% one-time upfront handling fee RM2,000
    36 months 7% one-time upfront handling fee RM3,000
    48 months 9.5% one-time upfront handling fee RM5,000