Citi Travel Account Visa Card

Feature Highlights

  • 0.75% cashback on travel-related transactions
  • Insures against misuse by employees for up to RM75, 000.
  • Activate your new card via Citi Mobile App with a temporary CVV and start spending.

Simplify Business Expenses

  • Gain better control of your employee’s travel expenses via a centralized account and comprehensive reporting. It works simply: Citi Travel Account makes hotel bookings, flight ticket purchases, car rental and other miscellaneous travel in one consolidated account. And once you’re done with all the bookings, Citibank will send your company a monthly statement with a breakdown of all travel items charged to your credit card.

Travel Cashback

  • Traveling is an expensive business, if not properly managed – which is why even a fraction of savings goes a long long way in balancing the ledgers. Get 0.75% cashback on all travel-related expenditures with Citi Travel Account, with no monthly or annual cap. Your accumulated cashback can be redeemed when it reaches a minimum of RM200. To redeem it, call Citibank’s Business Priority hotline at 03 2383 3388. If you do not want to redeem it, the unredeemed cashback will be carried forward to the following month.

Are You Eligible For The Citi Travel Account Visa Card?

  • Anybody can apply for the Citi Travel Account Visa Card if you are earning a minimum annual income of RM24,000 and is 21 years old and above to apply as principal card holder.

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Flexibility Fee and Charges

  • Interest Rate
    15% p.a.
  • Annual Fee


  • 0.75% cashback on travel-related expenses at any amount spent monthly.

Insurance Waiver

  • Complimentary Corporate Liability Waiver Insurance of up to RM75,000 per cardholder to protect against misuse by employees.

Card Information

      • Min. Monthly Income
      • Min. age for principal holder
        21 and above
  • Fee for supplementary holder
  • Finance charges
    15% p.a. – prompt minimum payment for 12 consecutive months
    17% p.a. – prompt payment for at least 10 out of 12 months
    18% p.a – if any of the above is not met