AFFIN DUO Visa Cash Back Card

Feature Highlights

  • Earn up to 3% cashback whenever you shop online, top up your e-Wallet and make an auto billing transaction.
  • Enjoy 3 years annual fee waiver too!
  • The more you spend, the more rewards points you can earn.

Get 3% cashback with AFFIN DUO Visa Cash Back

  • With every Ringgit transacted on any e-commerce or online retail transaction using AFFIN DUO Visa Cash Back, you will earn 3% cashback equivalent to a maximum of RM80 per month credited into your account. The same goes when you spend on eWallet reload or transaction, as well as auto-billing such as online monthly subscriptions of Netflix, Spotify, etc with this card. However, do note that the cashback is not applicable for cash advance or withdrawal, charity related transactions and government services.

Fees and Charges

  • All you need to pay is the Sales and Service Tax of RM25. For the first 3 years, the annual fee is waived but you still can enjoy the annual fee waiver for the subsequent year when you spend minimum 12 times on retail transactions in a year.

Are You Eligible For The AFFIN DUO Visa Cash Back Card?

  • Anybody can apply for the AFFIN DUO Visa Cash Back Card with a minimum annual income of RM24,000. The individual must be at least 21 years old and above to hold a primary card and 18 years old above for a supplementary card.

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Flexibility Fee and Charges

  • Interest Rate
    15% p.a.
  • Annual Fee
    RM75 for primary cards and RM30 for supplementary cards.


  • Earn 3% cashback each time you shop on any e-commerce or online transactions, top up your e-Wallets and make auto-billing transactions of up to RM80 per month.

Balance Transfer

  • Consolidate all your outstanding balance into one manageable sum with Affin Bank Balance Transfer Instalment Plan and make full use of the low upfront interest rate charges you get.

Easy Payment Plans

  • Select your desired payment tenure from 6 months to as long as 36 months for your purchases with Affin Bank Easy Instalment Plan.

Card Information

      • Min. Monthly Income
      • Min. age for principal holder and supplementary holder
        21 and 18 years old above
  • Finance charges
    6 months 2% one-time upfront handling fee RM500
    12 months 4% one-time upfront handling fee RM1,000
    18 months 5% one-time upfront handling fee RM2,000
    24 months 6% one-time upfront handling fee RM2,000
    36 months 7% one-time upfront handling fee RM3,000