Our calculators can help you manage your finances better. Choose a calculator from the list to help you make a wise and more informed decision. It is very important to know how much interest you are paying for your loan application.
Housing Loan Calculator

Try our housing loan calculator to find out the installment you will have to pay based on the property value, interest rate and loan tenure.
>> Check out our Housing Loan Calculator.

Personal Loan Calculator

Try our personal loan calculator to find out how much interest you will be paying by the end of your personal loan term.
>> Check out our Personal Loan calculator.

Car Loan Calculator

Try our car loan calculator to find out how much interest you will be paying by the end of your car loan term.
>> Check out our Car Loan Calculator.

Affordability Calculator

Let us help you understand more on how banks determine the maximum affordability of every loan application they receive by analyzing your income, loans, debt and other credit exposure before a decision to approve is carried out.
>> Check out our Affordability Calculator.

Balance Transfer Calculator

Save money by transfering your current outstanding balance from your credit card to another bank credit card. Use our balance transfer calculator to find out how much credit card interest you can save.
>> Check out our Balance Transfer Calculator.

Entry Cost Calculator

For every property purchase, you will need to set aside some funds for the property downpayment, sales and purchase agreements, legal fees, stamp duty and valuation charges. These elements are called the entry cost.
>> Check out our Entry Cost Calculator.

Car Insurance Calculator

Use our calculator to find out how much your insurance premium would be, determined by your NCB or NCD and market value of your vehicle.
>> Check out our Car Insurance Calculator.

Real Property Gain Tax Calculator

Real property gain tax is also known as capital gain tax that is imposed by the government on every disposal of property within 5 years. Please use our RPGT calculator to find out how to calculate Real Property Gain Tax in Malaysia.
>> Check out our Real Property Gain Tax Calculator.