About Us

Welcome to MyFinance.com.my! We are a financial website that offers a comparison of personal banking products to help you make an informed and wise choice.

MyFinance.com.my brings banks and customers together through our online platform. In addition to our comparison table and banking product information, you will benefit from the interactive financial tools and calculators available. Of particular interest is the very interactive forum where you will find the latest news on banking and personal financial matters.

MyFinance.com.my Key Statements :

  • We aim to inculcate on Malaysians the importance of making an accurate and wise financial decision through this website which in turn will build a stronger and financially capable society.
  • We aim to increase awareness of illegal and fraudulent money making schemes in the market.
  • We aim to develop a society to make smart choices on personal spending, and more in order to stretch the value of their Ringgit.
  • We aim to be Malaysia’s go-to website for banks and customers alike, for the latest banking information.

MyFinance.com.my provides information and step-by-step process guide to making banking transaction simple and easy to understand. It helps you select a product that suits your needs based on informed criteria. With our smart and friendly online tools, such as the financial comparison tables, we aim to simplify banking to ensure you obtain the maximum value of your Ringgit. And we would like to introduce our unique bank locator, a very helpful tool which will bring you to the location of any bank or any branch, in Malaysia!

MyFinance.com.my prides itself in guiding customers to manage, track and monitor their daily expenses with our MyBudget portfolio tool! An interactive tool that will share monthly tips on the best ways to stretch your Ringgit.

MyFinance.com.my will transform the conventional way of obtaining banking information and the hassle of visiting and queuing at banks into the convenience of a click of the finger! Our online platform will save you time and cost, and the inconvenience of travelling from one bank to another.

MyFinance.com.my strives to alert and prevent readers from being targets of of illegal banking activities. We help you to become financially healthy and sound and secure. Now, you take charge of your Ringgit!